Resource nationalism

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The Climate #4: Heading south

The land-based effects of global heating require a coordinated international response. Unsurvivable heat, impending water and food shortages, coupled with population overshoot, mean many people will soon be on the move. How many will move? And where will they go?

Less #1: Coming ready or not

Does global heating, resource depletion and declining globalisation mean we face a less stable future, unlikely to supply our needs & wants reliably? If so, what strategies should we consider in planning to adapt and mitigate the impacts?

Peak Everything #3: Everything from everywhere

Everything comes from everywhere: globalisation, enmeshed with anaemic policy, constrains effective climate and overshoot action. But times are changing. Will strained to breaking point supply chains and resource nationalism mean we will need to prioritise what we ask of the rest of the world?