Posts that delve into issues concerning economics, finance and the impacts they have on our responses to our environmental & climate challenges.

2024 March 30 #6: Heads in the clouds
Our smart phones would be pretty dumb phones without cloud connectivity. Just how clean and green is this 'cloud' that powers our digital lives?

2024 February 02 #5: By air, land and sea
Fossil fuel-powered transport contributes a fifth of global carbon dioxide emissions. How -and when - will we reduce transport-emissions?

2024 January 05 #4: Both sides are lying
How do we find middle ground when both sides of the political aisle use our news-feeds to drive us apart?

2023 December 17 #3: Batteries not included
'Renewables' are THE poster child of the green energy transition. But can they really free us from fossil fuels?

2022 April 25 #2: The nuclear option?
Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has focused attention on nuclear weapons and power generation. What are the nuclear options and which should we chose?

2022 February 2 #1: No plan D
The World economy is at a dangerous cross-roads. Damned by crashing asset bubbles if interest rates rise, damned by inflation and political instability if interest rates stay low. Can our economic and political masters navigate out of this mess AND save the planet?