Posts primarily focused on global heating and its consequences on air, land and sea. Principal theme: things are moving more rapidly than the mainstream narratives would have you believe.

2024 February 29 #6: Blowing through 1.5
What can prior mass extinctions tell us about where we are taking the global life fleet?

2022 April 12 #5: Misdirection
With the Australian Federal Election set for 21 May, what is our Government promising to do about the climate?

2021 December 5 #4: Heading south
Global heating induced water and food shortages mean many people will soon be on the move. How many will move? And where will they go?

2021 November 19 #3: Sea Change?
Are rising sea levels, severe weather and ground water extraction sinking whole cities, posing existential threats to coastal communities?

2021 November 7 #2: Oceans of consequences
What's the prognosis for corals, kelp and seagrass ecosystems facing direct heat, acidification, algal bloom deadzones and overexploitation?

2021 November 2 #1: Baked in
Net Zero emissions won't reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. Do our high atmospheric CO2 level mean more global heating is Baked-In for decades?