Peak everything

Posts about the impact of declining availability of cheap, abundant fossil fuels upon our capacity to transition to a green, sustainable economy.

2021 December 19 #4: Food mining
Industrial agriculture needs 200 million tons of fossil fuel fertiliser annually. How do we feed 8 billion people as fossil fuels dry up?

2021 November 21 #3: Everything from everywhere
Everything comes from everywhere: Does globalisation, enmeshed with anaemic policy, constrain effective climate and overshoot action?

2021 November 14 #2: Overshoot
It is not whether we have overshot Earth's capacity to support us, but by how much, and what happens next..?

2021 October 22 #1: Why peak everything?
How will being past Peak Easy Energy, having consumed the cheap, easy-to-extract fossil fuels, affects out transition to the Green Economy?