Given we are on the downhill slope after peak everything, this thread contains posts about the need to plan for and start adjusting to a World of Less. That is, a less stable world that supplies our needs less reliably than now.

2022 March 26 #4 F is for Famine  (also indexed as Ukraine Invasion #1)
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and associated sanctions are disrupting global food trade. Who bears the consequences and how serious will they be?

2021 December 28 #3 Cows, cockroaches and us
Environmental destruction is rapidly driving wildlife extinction across the globe. How can we halt the Earth’s sixth great extinction event?

2021 December 12 #2 A beef with beef
Beef grazing destroys habitat. Burgers are the gateway drug to junk-food related disease. Like coal exports, should beef exports be banned?

2021 November 28 #1 Coming ready or not
Climate impacts and resource loss offer a future unlikely to supply our needs & wants reliably. How do we plan for a World of Less?