About thisnannuplife.net

thisnannuplife.net is a place where I wish to share the things I am learning about some of important issues/challenges we face over the next decade and beyond, not just in Nannup, but across the entire planet right now.

I try to cut through the clouds of bulldust that obscure the truth about The Climate; and in doing so try and identify what that truth demands of us to be at least partially 'climate ready'.

I also discuss a range of other equally important threats that are going to make for a very interesting decade or more of world history. These other issues can be conveniently summarised in the thread 'Peak Everything'. A fair bit to cover in that thread.

What falls out of both those discussions is another thread about making do with 'LESS', preferably proactively rather than reactively.

In 'Truthenomics' I will attempt to provide a clearer picture of the financial and economic issues we are likely to face, which bear little resemblance to what we are being told, but are important to understand as they will define what resources we will have at our disposal.

Whether or not you ever get the chance to visit this lovely town and region before it all burns down, I hope some of the topics I have researched, synthesised and tried to summarise here are of some benefit to you as well as me in negotiating the years ahead.

Peter Sprivulis (Spriv) 22/10/21