Peak Easy Energy

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Peak Everything #4: Food mining

Peak Everything #4: Food mining

Industrial agriculture requires the mining, manufacture and distribution of 200 million tons of fertiliser annually. Without it, most of us would starve. Every step of world fertiliser supply depends on fossil fuels. How do we feed 8 billion people as fossil fuel supplies dry up?

Peak Everything #3: Everything from everywhere

Everything comes from everywhere: globalisation, enmeshed with anaemic policy, constrains effective climate and overshoot action. But times are changing. Will strained to breaking point supply chains and resource nationalism mean we will need to prioritise what we ask of the rest of the world?

Peak Everything #1: Why 'Peak Everything'?

What will being past Peak Easy Energy, having consumed all the easy and cheap-to-extract fossil fuels available on Earth, means for our transition to a carbon absorbing economy within the next couple of decades?