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The Climate #3: Sea Change?

As millions continue migrating to a coastal way of life worldwide - are rising sea levels and severe weather, coupled with ground water extraction sinking whole cities, posing existential threats to coastal communities?

Peak Everything #2: Overshoot

As humanity continues to ignore a path to sustainability, the question is not whether we have overshot Earth's capacity to support us, but by how much. A recent revisit to the Club of Rome's Limits to Growth models suggests global population and resource extraction peaks this decade. After that...?

The Climate #2: Oceans of consequences

Faced with the quadruple threats of direct heat, acidification, algal bloom-induced dead-zones, and our unrelenting overexploitation; what is the prognosis for the planet's most important ocean ecosystems and fisheries, such as coral, seagrass and kelp-forest ecosystems?

Peak Everything #1: Why 'Peak Everything'?

What will being past Peak Easy Energy, having consumed all the easy and cheap-to-extract fossil fuels available on Earth, means for our transition to a carbon absorbing economy within the next couple of decades?

Greetings from Nannup!

Where is Nannup and why I have started a blog discussing the challenges of living a Nannup life (or living anywhere else on the planet for that matter....)